It's Complicated....(Need Help ASAP!)

So my original question "Need advice about this awesome guy?" has the story of me and this guy's first date blah blah blah lol anyways please read that and then answer my question.

I think he likes me, but the complicated part is that he's long distance and I won't get to see him until the end of summer. We haven't talked in a week, which I don't really mind since I don't want to spend all my time texting. But I am a girl, therefore I am over analyzing every little detail. I'm thinking that he likes me and likes talking to me, it's just the fact that we haven't really labeled this thing as "dating" and he's not sure if this was a fun one night thing for me since he's a cute foreign boy or if I really liked him as a person instead of just his accent. Y'know what I mean? Anyways, as much as I really like him and am attracted to him I would be willing to be just friends for now. Anyways is there anything wrong with me messaging him first again if I want to keep in touch? I don't think he realizes that I'm serious about this and it's complicated so I think he's confused. I haven't talked to him in a week, so I'm thinking sometime soon maybe I'll message him something friendly just so he'll know I'm still thinking of him. What do you think?


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  • It's always better to communciate than overanalyze past events. So yes, text him and tell him you're seriously interested in him. No one could criticize you for doing that.

    Be careful not to gush or you might frighten him, though! He would worryif he thought you were too infatuated with him..


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  • There's really nothing wrong with keeping in touch. You should really try to message him and try to increase the interest.

  • I think you should message him, as long as you don't get all stalker bitch and start texting him 10 times a day, one text will be fine. Shows interest. If he doesn't really respond or care too much than he's probably not that interested. Where is he from if you don't mind me asking?

    • Thanks! Every time we've talked so far he has seemed very interested in the conversation! He's from another country that's nowhere near America! (I don't want to get too specific, sorry! lol)

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