Why is a guy I used to date still talking to me? But in RANDOM SPURTS

I dated this guy briefly for like a month at the end of the school year a year ago. He ended it because he did not want the 4 hour long distance since he was going back home to his hometown for the summer. He still wanted to keep in contact but I decided that I could not be “just friends” with him so I asked for no communication. He only lasted a month so we started talking again, but I was dating other guys during the summer when he was away. We kept on discussing what would happen at the beginning of the school year but when he said he was not certain, I started putting less energy into him. When the school year was starting, around August, it seemed like he liked the ability to talk but he did not seem to want to hang out at all when he would come to town. When the school year started, we did not communicate at all and could not be in the same room with one another. he even wrote a tweet about saying that it is not a good idea to date someone whom you might work with. We have the same job and we met in a student group.

When Spring semester started I started communicating with him some what and he seemed interested in talking to me and we seemed to talk flirtatiously. He even came over once and we play wrestled on my bed and he admitted that he was staring at my body the entire time. But the weird thing is that these types of actions would happen on and off every couple months. Like in February it happened for a week or so. Then in March it happened over spring break, and now recently he is talking to me and seems interested in talking to me and stuff.

I am pretty much friend zoning him because I talked to him about a guy I had a thing with from Aug 2012-May 2013. We moved onto a different topic and he still seemed interested in talking even after that. For the past few days we have been talking nearly all day until he falls asleep, but then (like I am able to predict) I will not hear from him for weeks or even months.

Any ideas what he is doing?


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  • It must be that he is coming to you in between other interests.


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  • he`s showing interest again. but it seems as if its always an up and down with this guy

  • well you might want to see how to get his interest completely rather than sporadically.