He sends me little hearts at the end of his text messages and before bed.. Should I send them back?

He's so sweet and were dating, but I've always had trouble telling people how I feel. Would it be weird if I sent him a heart back or should I keep sending the ^_^ face that I always do, because it feels uncomfortable if I send him a heart. Do you think he'll think I don't like him if I don't send him a heart, or will he think of it as a not a big deal? Would it be too cheesy If I sent it back? Should I tell him that I like him like he likes me or are we good were we are? (If you need more specific info just let me know)


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  • You said it feels uncomfortable to send him a heart back. So do it when you're comfortable with it, not just because he's sending one. You're sending him a big smiley back and I'd be happy with that so just wait until you want to send him a heart back.


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  • Just do whatever works for you. You want him to get to know the real you, so being yourself will let him do that. Relationships have their occasional tough moments, but this is not one of them. :-)

  • You should send hearts back. He might think you don't like him.

    • You seem to be everywhere just posting weird, short answers.

    • I joined 2 days ago. I'm kinda addicted haha.

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