Do you think he is losing interest?

I've been dating this guy for probably about six weeks, and I thought it was going good. He graduated from graduate school recently, and I met all of his family while they were in town for his graduation. He went back to his hometown in another state with is family for the week. He normally texts me everyday and we talk for a while. However, since he's been back in his hometown we've only texted two days out of the four he's been gone, and I've initiated it both times. He told me that the weather has been kind of crummy in his hometown so he hasn't been doing much of anything. He responds to my texts, but they're usually just short replies. Like, I told him that I got a new bike today and he replied "cool!" and that was it. Do you think he is losing his interest in me, or am I worried over nothing?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Hard to tell if he's losing interest, or simply is being kept busy by spending time with this family.

    Keep in mind that he spent a lot of time away from them from school, and with the weather being bad, I'd imagine that would allow more family-bonding time.

    Try not to read into it so much. Wait till he get's back so you can read the situation better. As for the short and infrequent texts, I sometimes do that too when I don't have time to reply 'properly' or with an elaborate text, but just enough to let them know I'm not ignoring them.


What Guys Said 1

  • It seems so. He's losing interest.