Why doesn't he text me as much anymore?

I've been hanging out with this guy a lot. The last time, I met his friends that he works with. Before we really knew each other, it was a lot of flirting and getting to know each other but now that we know each other, it's been less and less texting like that, just really for making plans. He used to text me every afternoon after work, some mornings even, but now kind of hardly ever. The thing is though, I'm sure he likes me because his friends thought we were together, a lot of PDA in front of them, we always end of falling asleep at each others' houses. Am I wrong to think he wanted more? A lot of his friends would say they really liked me in front of him and I just felt like we got really close, but texting wise I never hear from him as much (not even every other day) unless I have to tell him something. The last time, he told me we had to do it again sometime when I said how much fun I had so I doubt its a hit and quit, I'm just worried because I'd like to see him a few more times before I leave for a month and I have less than a month before I leave and we can only see each other on weekends. He had to cancel the last time I invited him over because of some stuff but then my plans changed the next time I invited him so its been hard, but what is up with not even texting really? Should I just wait it out and see if he ever says anything? Was I wrong to think there was a possibility for something more serious since we aren't even official yet acted like it in front of his friends he WORKS with?


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  • Perhaps, you upset him.


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  • because he knows he has you and he doesn't want a relationship