He's gone from flirty texting at night to talking during the day but less flirty....

he came on strong in the beginning. very flirty mixed with get to know you messages. we went out twice. it came up, but we did not have sex. I made it clear that he knows I wait until the relationship is more serious. now he texts less and its only during the day about boring stuff. like what he's doing then he asks what I'm doing. he hints around at getting together again (its been a week since I saw him last). what the heck is going on here?

so this week he asked if I wanted to come spend the night this weekend. he downloaded a bunch of episodes of our favorite show and I can sleep over too. I asked if I could sleep in the next morning and he said no he has to work. then I said I may just want to go home instead of staying over (thinking about him, kind of too much to deal with in the morning before work to bring me home). what should I do?


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  • He's just trying to get to know you better instead of hooking up. Its a good sign.


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  • It seems that he just want the sex.


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  • Think he is trying to respect your wishes and avoid anything that could be construed as trying to get you to sleep with him. He's still contacting you though so I think he still likes you. It's a good sign!

    • Re. Update, if you trust yourself to not go beyond the boundaries you've set for him, I think go! The fact that he's downloaded the show episodes suggests he's putting effort in, in order to spend time with you... and it will give you a chance to see if he truly respects your decision, in a tempting situation...