Hey girls, I'm so confused! Any idea why she'd stop responding?

So I met this girl a year or so ago but we really didn't talk until about a month ago. She's 17 and I'm 19. We texted a bit...we talked about plans together over the summer. I was gonna give her a tour around college, we were gonna go golfing, and maybe up to my cabin...I said we could go up there in late summer when my parents stop going and said said maybe if we have a whole day and that doesn't sound too bad at all (to going without parents).

So skip a week forward, we were having a texting convo when I was on vacation in Cali. My last text to her was "Awesome. You find anything good? I went shopping in downtown San Fran last night. So many shops! You'd love it" but I didn't get a response :( so I wait three days and now I'm back from vacation and I sent her "Hey, you finding a way to have a good week in this sh*tty weather? ha ha I just got done with my first day of work at my new job! So need to relax now..."

But still no response. What could be going on? What could I text her to get an actual response? Any help would be appreciated! I was thinking maybe wait a week until she's done with high school and text her saying "Hey, you glad it's finally summer for you too? :) maybe we can start our summer plans we had soon!"


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  • She has finals. You are not on the top of the list. No boy is if she's serious about her future.

    Also, she's in HS, so ask her friends if they know of you, which they must because she is a HS girl. Use Facebook to approach. Ask if she's okay. Genuine concern = Answers.


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  • send her a funny picture that has nothing to do with you wanting her to come out with you. Then slowly introduce it

  • She lost her phone