Should I date him, or is it not fair?

I've liked a guy quite strongly for the last 3-5 years. The problem is, he lives 4 hours away and it's just too far for a relationship to work. I am most likely going to school near him in a year or so. We talk daily, and it's obviously much more than a friendly conversation. Now I'm met a guy that lives where I live, and things are getting serious. I feel shady still talking to the first guy, but I can't see myself ever dropping contact fully with him. What should I do?


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  • Follow what your heart says.

    Love knows no distance, only time.


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  • You should date him.


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  • If you truly wanted the first guy you would have not started to get serious with the second guy this only shows you want someone now and in person and tired of waiting. We all desire to be held and loved so in my opinion but you have to ask yourself is the first guy worth the wait. Don't doubt the relationship based on it is too far to work you make it work.

    My question to you is why have you been keeping in touch all these years and if you have dated or are dating? And has he been exclusive to only talking to you?

    • I'm not sure, I just like talking to him, it's easy to communicate with him and we get along well. I'm sure he speaks to other girls (more than friends), but it's not really my place to tell him not to, since we're not exclusive and not committed to each other. He does hook up with other girls, but he's not a stud by any means, so I don't worry much about it.

    • If you like him and want to be with him it is your place to tell him how you feel and be exclusive. If he needs pleasure he does have his right hand as a handy girlfriend. If he doesn't want to hurt your relationship as just talking friends then you have no worries for guy number two. But should cut off number one to give number 2 your full attention it's only fair.