When a girl says "text me" as I'm leaving...How long should I wait to text her?

Theres this girl and she is very beautiful and I talk to her sometimes when I see her around church. Sometimes as I'm leaving she will say "call me" or like today "text me". How long should I wait to text/call her when she says that? I don't wana seem needy lol


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  • text her straight away, playing it cool and waiting it a load of c***. if you like here go for it, stop wasting time, she obvs likes you or she wouldn't ask you to call/txt her


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  • If she's done it multiple times, do it immediately! You can always delay responding to her message if she takes a long time to respond...just kidding (ugh headgames). But why not just shoot her a text!

    • k thanks I will =) Do you think its a strong indicator of interest for a girl to sometimes say "call me" or "text me"? When I do text her she usually answers back right away. I've talked to her on the phone like once and she was real cool and everything.

    • YesyesYES! There is no rational reason why a girl would invest repeated effort initiating contact with a guy in whom she wasn't interested. The fact that she's telling you flat out to call her is awesome. She may just be very friendly, but I'd say (if she is always as eager as you suggested), she very likely wants you to ask her out. Let us know how it goes! :)

    • k thanks! I will let ya know how it goes =)

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  • As you're leaving.