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I've been told if a guy texts you everyday and sends a good morning text that the guy is interested in you in not just a platonic way, what do you think?

I can't tell if this guy likes me...but I am interested and want to figure out how to improve my chances. We worked together at a convention 2 weeks ago and became friendly, he even bought me a small birthday present - a figurine from my fave game that he remembered me saying. He lives about 2 hours away from me so the day after the con (I'm at home) he texts me asking what I'm up to and if he swings through my area on his way home if we could hang, he didn't come through my area but we continued to text the whole day. The texting has been continuous (we text cause we both work full time jobs and it's easier for us) since that day (so almost 2 weeks) and it's a lot of us asking questions about the other person and making plans - but the plans we make are more like enjoying the things we have in common "Oh you watch this show too, we should watch it together!" "That's my favorite character in that game too!" I've gotten a good night and good morning text from him and I've considerably picked up my text flirting with even throwing in winking faces and saying obvious lines like "I enjoy talking to you" - his response to that was 'likewise I always enjoy talking to a fellow gamer and whatever else we share' Am I barking up the wrong tree here? Is he just a guy who likes that we have things in common and wants to just be friends? He does put some smilie faces but not a lot and we both did initiate the plan making but for some reason I just don't feel as if he's flirting back and it's making me wonder if I just misunderstood?


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  • If you met him at a convention, he may not be used to flirting. I travel the convention circuits and well, and a lot of guys who are, and I don't like this term but I'll use it, "geeky," are shy.

    If he is texting you and he bought you a figurine, trust me, he likes you. Humans do what they want to do, which means if he is texting you, then he likes you.

    But since he may not be used to flirting with women, you may have to make the first move here. He may not have much experience with dating or with women, so keep that in mind. Or you could always ask him if he has ever had a girlfriend and know for sure. In any case, he likes you, and if you like him, go for it. Ask him out. Make the first move and kiss him. He will thank you for it later.


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  • Not necessarily. Guys who have platonic friends that are girls might just as easily talk to those girls daily. A better indicator of interest would be compliments on your looks, touching you a lot in person, trying to sexualize conversation, and wanting to get together and go out. A guy can talk to a girl and just want to be friends, where that bridges into more then friends is when he finds you physically attractive and sexually desirable.

  • You're quite over analyzing things.


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  • He could just be friends