I'm tempted to text him/he dumped me

I been dating"talking" to this guy I really like.I fell for him fast,only been "talking" a month.we got into an argument via text and he said maybe we shouldn't see each other anymore because I complain about everything and that he spends every weekend with me and that we only known each other a month.he said I don't give him a chance to respond when I text him.since we met on a dating site I thought he would love to hang every chance he could with me.he asked me if I

was gonna be his too.I said we'll see...who knows.its been three days and I'm heart broken and want him back.should I text him or is that sound desperate?or wait til he texts me...they always text back .


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  • Well, he's not worth it. Don't text him.


What Girls Said 1

  • Don't text him, sounds like the whole thing has been too full on too soon - you need your own life and he needs his. It sounds like things have got too heavy for him and he has ran. The perfect guy will be out there for you but the more you chase this guy, the further away you will push him. If he's going to come back, let him do it in his own time (3 days is not a long time)

    • Thank you for your advice.I since then deleted his number and have moved on.there is plenty of men out there,good men.