Is he over me? Please help

Basically I've been meeting up with this guy and we have been acting like a couple when we are with each other cuddling kissing etc even sex. I would see him at least twice a week if not more sometimes. I really got to like him loads and he told me he liked me. Sometimes though he wouldn't text me he would wait for me to text him like after 5 days once. So basically after this 5 days of no contact I gave in and text him suggssting a drink as per usual id always invite myself round. He explained he had to play football so couldn't drink until after 10pm so he left me in house with his flat mates. I told them how much I liked him drunk(big mistake) as when id done that his mate said he told him to try get with me last timw I was round. Of course hurt and angry by this I decided f*** him and got close to his mate and gave him a kiss I was so drunk didn't even think about what I was doing but in my mind he didn't care and wanted that! Since then we argued via text from 3am-9am he denied it and said its cos his mate likes me he did that. I've apologized since and tried everything but now he just doesn't bother at all. What do I do?! I really like him loads I don't care about his mate! Please help I need to make him realise.


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  • Yes, he's over you.

  • stop getting drunk and kissing mates once you do that whoever you want will realize


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