Have you ever dated a sociopath

How long did the relationship last?

How long did it take you to finally move on?

Did he or she ever contacted you again?

Was the person promiscuous?

When did you notice he/ she was a sociopath?

Were you the dumper or the dumper?

Did he ever contact you after?


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  • i dated a female psychopath.

    after 2 weeks I noticed something was wrong, and after a month I finally realized I'm dating a psycho. dropped her immediately.

    she did talk to me quite a few times after I dropped her... stalking me and wanting to get back together.

    they are very persistent.

    • Very I agree and they have a way of trying to warm their way into your life

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  • Yep me too. Same as below. There's like a weird vibe they give off that something isn't right. He cheated in every relationship, and laughed about..no remorse. That was the biggy No Remorse.

    She stalked me just like below, but she wouldn't talk to me...just followed me. And, when I told her I didn't trust she flipped. Telling everyone I was gay, and I was stalking her. Spread crazy rumors. Oh it was a nightmare. Run as soon as you can.


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