We Just Stopped Talking

Me and this guy, long distance (dont judge I really do have better luck with long distance I don't like seeing my boyfriend a lot) we started talking we were talking for about a month and we had so much in common and we talked about everything. He was the one bringing up asking me if I want kids, marriage etc. well I saw him logged on the dating site we met on him and so I thought we were starting to fall apart, I told him that and he never answered. He texted me a month later (about a week ago) and saying how he missed me and thought about me everyday since we Haven't talked and supposely he was waiting on me to text him, he called me and made me cry thinking I was the bad person, he said if I found someone better he was happy for me because I deserved better than the way he treated me, the thing is he never treated me bad, but then when my dog got sick he was "to busy" at a wedding. So, I texted him yesterday and was like are we not going to talk anymore and he said "I don't think we would work out". You have no idea, I went ballistic! I started cussing up a storm. What is up with this idiot, he said he thought id be easy to get over but he can't seem to get over me but "we wouldn't work out" wtf, like really?! Can someone please give me some insight please!


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  • Well, it's time to move on.

    • Nice the most common answer ever

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  • Here's what happened to me: He was seeing someone else during the month you didn't "talk". When that didn't work out, he came back to you because he knew you were "waiting" for him. But coming back to you, made him feel so guilty for "cheating" that he can't stand to hear your voice any more, and the easiest way out is to tell you that it's better if you don't continue "this".