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So I find this girl attractive. She's 19, I'm 20. I've never talked to her before, and never had any contact with her. We graduated from the same high school, and we are Facebook friends. I'm thinking of sending the following message. I'm going to send something, so please don't tell me not to do it. I'm not scared of getting rejected. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Am I right?

So anyways here is the message, if you can help me improve it, that would be great

Here goes nothing. I think you are attractive, and I know you are a huge Republican, which is a great quality any girl can have! I’m hoping I can get to you know you better, and maybe we could hang out sometime. Here is my number XXXXXXXXXXXX, text me sometime. I’ll be gone this weekend, and my phone will be off, but if you do text, I’ll be able to respond probably on Sunday. I look forward to your reply! Have a good day :)


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  • Saying "I know you're a huge Republican" sounds kind of creepy and sorta makes it sound like that's the only trait of hers you like, especially when you say "it's a great trait any girl can have." Which can certainly be taken the wrong way, depending on her personality.

    Maybe do it subtly, like... "I always see you Young Republicans meetings and I really admire your dedication to your ideals, or something. Or like "I heard you speak about (topic) and I thought it was poignant and I completely agreed." You know what I mean? Bring up an incident when you were together in the same space and make it known that you noticed her, and compliment her on a tangible quality. Why do you like that she's a strong Republican? Because she has strong ideals? She is politically active? Because you are too? Express something more specific to her and you instead.


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  • ew politics ain't sexy, just sayin.


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  • Your message is already quite well.