What do girls most look for in a guy to date?

Like what qualities must a guy have in order for you to seriously date him, besides just liking him and all


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  • kindess, responsible,loyal, honest, respectful, intelligent, good sense of humor, isn't too serious/isn't too goofy either, considerate, thoughtful, ambitious, hard-working(or if he doesn't have a job=ambitious and/or having his own goals and aspirations), doesn't always agree with what I say or what my hobbies are, easygoing, self-awareness, confidence, and being humble doesn't hurt.

    • and there must be a physical attraction/he must be good-looking and/or dress well but doesn't pay any or much attention to fashion or fashion trends.

    • Out of curiosity, could you detail a little more what you mean by "dress well but doesn't pay any or much attention to fashion or fashion trends"?

    • I mean I don't want to see his boxers when he wears baggy pants basically.I don't find guys who wear baggy pants attractive.

      A shirt and some pants or jeans that fit him well is fine though. & his outfit should match at least or go well together.


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  • I have to see a future in them, because I am not about wasting my time. Do they seem like they'd make a nice father? Do they rush into physical activities?

    I like their political and religious views to match mine, that leads to a better relationship. They can't have too many things that just bug me. They have to be a person I can tolerate and love being around after years.

  • I would like a guy who's respectful, honest, and has a fun side. For example like to go to the club and dance , drinks a little, and just likes to be with me. I want a guy who's not embrassed of me or who doesn't ignore me when he's with his friends. I would like a guy who's gives me attention. I don't like being spoiled but I would like a guy to give me a gift like on a special day. Also a guy who communicates with me and tries to see.

  • him being funny and attractive enough. then be nice with me and the waiter or whatever.


What Guys Said 1

  • Well, NOT MONEY, if that's what you thought.

    Instead, it's important to find a guy that's $en$itive and under$tanding.

    He should also have a high educational and intellectual $tatus.

    A guy with ambition$ and goal$ is also very sexy.