What is your Dating Resume?

I heard this funny Idea from a movie, So if you had to put together a resume on why someone would want to date you or not, What would be on it.


looks - 5'10, 180, Average to athletic build, Black hair and brown eyes, usually wears Cardigan sweater with graphic t shirt with skinny jeans and shoes.

Personality - Easy going, very friendly, funny, smart, kind, etc. Likes to talk and help people.

Experience- has dated a few times, longest relationship was 3 years.

Best Attributes - Knows how to massage, cook, Always willing to talk and listen.

Now , List things that best represents you and be honest =]


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  • This is a really cute idea! What movie is it from?


    5'5" and 120 lbs. Looks a lot like Hermione Granger especially on bad hair days: Wavy brown hair, brown eyes, curvy athletic build, moderately tan, and usually wears short high heels and sundresses.


    Naturally introverted, but self-confident and loves to listen to people and help them whenever possible. Type A personality (especially in professional circumstances), but laid back and playful when it comes to relationships. Had lots of leadership experience and am perfectly happy and resourceful on my own, but also enjoy cooperating and following someone else's lead.


    Has done many 1st/2nd dates, several instances of prolonged text message flirtation (nothing bad!), kissed total of 3 guys, danced with around 100 (love dancing but not drinking), and had several prolonged sexual-tensiony friendships (just flirty = no FWB), but only one exclusive relationship currently spanning 3 years and counting :)

    Best Attributes:

    Always coming up with new ideas/inventions and am passionate about pretty much everything I learn, so I always try to keep things interesting. I adapt conversations to what the other person is most interested in talking about, and I like to practice making myself interested in new things. I like to return affection whenever possible, like to reward courage and am not afraid of making the first move. I'm not jealous, time-demanding, nagging, judgmental, or in a hurry to define the relationship. I love to cook, dress well, learn new things, build/fix stuff, refer to the logical side of my brain whenever possible, and really try to be courteous to everyone.


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  • Looks - 5'4", 130, average build, fluffy stomach, good cleavage (lol). Long and wavy brown hair, dark brown eyes, dresses comfortably at home (t-shirt and sweats) and dresses nicer when going out (nice top, skinny jeans, low heels or flats).

    Personality - Bubbly, confident, friendly, goofy, likes to poke fun at self and others, laughs a lot and laughs at stupid things. Very childlike (optimistic, naive, short attention span), though not immature. Intelligent but very forgetful and kind of an idiot. Happy most of the time, and when not happy, rarely shows it.

    Experience- Has had several short relationships, most of them in high school. Longest relationship was 10 months. Been in love twice, gone no farther than 2nd base.

    Best Attributes - Classy, adventurous, gives excellent head scratches, avid video game player (pokemon is my favorite), easygoing and makes a cheap date.

    Wow I sound annoying. Hahaha

  • looks - 5'2, 140, Average to athletic build, Black hair naturally/dyed caramel/honey and hazel eyes, usually wears vintage band t-shirts/or a tank with skinny jeans or ripped jeans and vans or flip flops.

    Personality - Easy going, very friendly, funny, smart, kind, etc. Likes to talk and help people. Loves animals, loves art, prefers to do things out of kindness with no sort of personal gain.

    Experience- has dated a few times, longest relationship was 6 years on & off.

    Best Attributes - Stays faithful, cooks (makes the best homemade cookies you'll ever have in your whole entire life & always comes up with new recipes!), Always willing to talk and listen. Sings, writes, is very in-tune with her feelings & the feelings of others because more than likely she's been there done that a thousand times.

  • looks - 5´7´´, slim, usually wears hipster/fashion clothes (according to everyone)

    personality - caring, funny, smart, grumpy

    experience- kissed only haha

    best attributes- would help everyone in emotional stuff or school stuff. up to try new things all the time.

  • I don't think I look good on paper but here goes.

    Looks: 5'7, 47kg, thin curvy and toned, auburn long hair, green eyes, dresses according to mood - never sloppy.

    Personality: Easy going, don't take anything too seriously, shy at first, a bit crazy once you get to know me, intelligent but can be ditzy for the sake of a laugh, very kind and compassionate, very affectionate, loyal, bit of a dark horse.

    Experience: This information I'll bring to my grave.

    Best Attributes: Great cook, loves to bake, handy with a power drill, caring, successful career, resilient, great listener, can make people feel special, always open to trying new things.

  • Looks - 5'4, 118, Slim to fit/toned, Black hair and black eyes, my style always changes. Depends how I feel (but I am pretty fashionable).

    Personality - Empathetic, intuitive, playful, perceiving, laid back, smiley, social (extroverted) and easily-amused.

    Best Attributes - Good cook, can sing and dance pretty well. Find it easy to make and keep friends. Tend to keep my promises. If you need someone to listen or someone to be brutal, I could do either. I'm pretty good at putting others needs before my own, means I won't at any point be a burden.

  • Looks- 5'4, 120lbs, thin athletic build, brown eyes, black hair, brown skin. Mostly likely wearing short shorts, a graphic t-shirt and sandals.

    Personality- An easy going fun loving girl that most people adore. Shy at times, but if you get me to open up that's when it get's really interesting.

    Experience- Has dated several guys, but has only loved one.

    Best Attributes- Always faithful and pretty open minded

    Greatest flaw- Can care too much

  • Looks- 5'3", 135, curvy, medium length brown hair and brown eyes. Wears glasses, wears jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, favorite clothing color is black and grey. Likes boots and heels.

    Personality- Curious, a bit of an odd ball, loves jokes, a bit impatient at times (ADDish), loves to talk (especially about science fiction, life, people, the universe, conspiracies ect...), kind and thoughtful, adaptable, won't bend under pressure easily, hates boredom, goes against the grain sometimes..

    Experiences- has had only two relationships, longest one was 5 months.

    Best Attributes- Creative, up for adventure, can geek out about anything, life's motto is an open mind and an open heart.

    Skills- Dance, cook, art, investigative, can speak two languages fluently and two more fairly well.

  • makes bomb food, makes bomb food, good in bed, not annoying. 4/20 friendly.

  • looks-i have nice curves in the right places and I am in good shape, also get told I have very pretty eyes nd I'm blonde.

    personality-easygoing/laid back. good conversationalist.

    best attributes-i'm a committed loyal person. not a party girl but I am fun-like to have a drink or two just not go clubbing

    good listener

    street smart


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  • looks - 6ft , Muscular with a bit of cuddle fat, Brown hair, blue eyes, wear a lot of jumpers with tees or sweater and shirt when I want to look studious, for bottoms I swear slim fit dark wash jeans (not skinny) and shorts on gym days.

    personality - Easy going, relaxed, introverted, smart, funny, kind, considerate. Usually really quiet, but when I want to talk to someone I will usually switch and make a lot of conversation. I'm a pretty good judge of character.

    experience - only a couple dates, I'm usually a good pick when it comes to picking out the gooduns. 3 ltr's, longest being 2 years.

    best attributes - I enjoy cuddles, I cook alot, I get really passionate about thinks I'm interested in, I'm quite diligent.

  • I already have a dating profile and honestly everyone else's tends to be the same. "I'm a caring person looking for my other half. Must have a good head on their shoulders" and all that stuff. Then you scroll to the bottom and it's "Must have own place, must have a Bachelor's degree or higher, must have a good job, etc.

    For guys online it does feel like they are spamming a resume because you'll hear it all the time. "Girls don't reply."

  • looks - 6 feet tall, 260 lbs (bone, muscle and fat), brown hair and eyes, masculine looking. solid black t-shirt, dark blue jeans, leather jacket for the fall, b3 bomber jacket in the winter

    experience - one relationship for a few months, dated a few girls after that

    personality - witty, playful, sometimes goofy, mostly laid back, social, extroverted and a bit cerebral

    best attribute - I'm cool with cuddling, talking, listening, emotions and feelings, but I'm no sap :)

  • Looks:

    6'2.75, dark brown hair, and light brown eyes, slim to athletic build

    Wears long sleeve button downs or T shirts with the word "f***" on them under a leather jacket

    Generally sporting heavy stubble, occasionally spotted with glasses


    Hypersocial existentialist daredevil

    Extremely forward and honest, likely to make a move on you within about four hours of meeting you if he thinks you have potential

    Falls for people harder and faster than he'd like

    But unlikely to stick around for more than a few weeks unless you're something really special

    Inspires others to live life to the fullest

    Views every day as an opportunity for adventure, growth, and facing one's fears


    Started dating at 13 years old

    2 relationships that lasted 4-5 years, 2 that lasted around 6 months, quite a few short flings during single periods

    Best attributes:

    Getting pretty good with a guitar

    Occasionally spontaneously pretends his penis is an airplane

    Genuinely cares for your well-being and will encourage you to live for yourself against his own best interests

    Benevolently dominant personality

    Your girlfriends will be jealous as f***

    Cooks very well, but would rather you make him a sandwich

    Gets paid a lot to spend around 25% of his time wasting time online writing up this bullsh*t

  • it's the one that gets thrown out either before or after you see me, even when they know nothing about me

  • looks: stunningly awesome.

    personality: pure awesome.

    experience: not so awesome. :/

    best attributes: being awesome.


  • There's nothing funny or original about that idea - it's just an internet dating profile.

  • I've asked for an application many times, but they always say they aren't considering anyone at that particular time.

    I will have good luck in the future, apparently. 50+ wishes can't be wrong!

  • Uhh... no.

    Dating isn't a job profile. Such as, you go into a decent job with the attitude of, "Look, here's why I'm great, I'm smart, I have skills, I'm super easy to get along with" that means you've already failed.

    That attitude will get you good employment. (My parents taught it to me, and I breezed through interviews at a decent job because the people liked me, even though I had very little experience that was applicable. Granted, it's only $10 an hour starting, but that's decent for a college student around Atlanta, and it builds towards what I'll go for after I graduate.) It won't get you a date.

    You get dates because you know a bit about basic psychology of your target gender, and you know what to do to be attractive to a woman or man in your age group.

  • 6ft 183 , average to athletic , brown hair and eyes, ugly face

    • You are beautiful in each and every way. Don't you ever call yourself ugly ever again.

    • well no girls want to date me