I look too young, especially for college =(

I am pretty sure this is one reason I have had bad luck dating so far. I mean I look 3+ years younger than I really am (when I was a senior in HS people that just met me thought I was a freshman, even though I was older than mostly everyone in the senior class because of my early b.day). From this I can't approach a girl out of the blue... they will think some young kid is talking to them and will not take me seriously. How should I go about dating?

I can't grow facial hair either so that is not an option. I wear jeans and a shirt or athletic shorts and a shirt so its not my clothes either,


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  • No problem my man. Just bring up your age right away in a conversation. Ask them, 'are you 21 yet? Can you go out for a drink?' early in the conversation. She'll then ask if you are, and you can tel lher your age.

    Or ask if they voted for Obama as you did, so she'll know you were at least 18 last year...whatever will tell her right off how old you are.

    Tis approach also helps start conversations..you can say you just had your _____ty birthday party and then shell probably tell you about her age, ask what sort of party you had, and so forth!


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  • I'm in the same boat (I'm 21 and I still get carded for R rated movies and M games) but it's not a legitimate excuse to not approach girls. If you have confidence, they will be attracted to you, and if they comment about how young you look, call them a pedophile ;)

  • I'm 28 soon to be 29 and I still get carded at the movies, THE F'N MOVIES. However I still have considerable success when approaching women. I believe it's because I simply don't give a crap how they react about my age or perceived age. Usually I act like they didn't even say anything or I'll say something like irrelevant then I continue to flirt. My reaction happens because I've gotten bored of hearing the same responses about my age constantly. In the end I think they are attracted to me not reacting emotionally. Like the other poster said, he reacts positively with humor which probably also causes attraction.