Is he thinking that I don't like him and does he still likes me?

So for the past month I've been texting a guy on Facebook.He is older than me.He said he likes me and I said that I like him too.So we were flirting and stuff and then we met.After that we met he didn't text me at all.A few days ago he texted me again and yesterday I texted him first.Well he knows that I like him but we don't text as much as before and we don't send kisses emoticons and stuff.So today I saw him after school when I was walking and I think he saw me but he din't say hi.Do you think that he is thinking that I don't like him because I neither said hi and do you think that he still likes me?


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  • It's one event, don't sweat it. And anyways, if you were so keen on him, why didn't you say hi? Is hi a swear word, or a controversial word that he will forever judge you for? nope

  • He really does like you. From the looks of how he texts you, he really does.


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