My boyfriend isn't acting the same. Why?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost two months. He and I do not live in the same town, but we make it work. A few weeks ago he would stop texting me at random times. Then just not text me the whole day. He would always text me in the morning but he didn't after awhile. Then one of my good friends from there told me something that I hated. She and him made out, I guess they didn't mean to. I was crushed. I ran out of my house bawling, my friend messaged him and was like why would you do that to her! He called me and told me everything that happend, I love him so much that I forgave him. The past few days he's been not even bothering to text me. He told me his uncle died but later that night he was hanging with friends and he didn't even bother to text me. He said Goodnight I love you :) two nights ago but I didn't say anything because I was mad. I texted him yesterday and he never said anything, then I asked are you mad at me? He answered right away and said "No.. I left my phone at the weight room all day." Then I said ohh okayy, what's up? and he never said anything and he hasn't texted me at all day. Why is he doing this? I don't understand, he's my one and only and I feel like I'm being ignored. Like I'm annoying or something. Please give me advice on why and what I should do.. Thanks.


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  • It seems that you upset him.


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  • For one - this guy made out with another girl. Do you not respect yourself enough to think you deserve better?

    Secondly, he's not being very responsive or communicating with you.

    Give him space and leave him be. You have been dating 2 months - not 2 years! You haven't done anything wrong, although I do think the whole texting thing isn't helping. Pick up the phone and call or meet up and see where you stand. He may have issues that he isn't ready to talk about with you yet. If his uncle has passed away, this may be how he deals with stuff. Could be something or nothing, but communication in any relationship is key. If you're having trouble now, will it change in the future?