Is it just me or is dating frustrating?

I have had 3 GF's one for a month then the other 2 for 2+ years each, every time I date someone it seems like they change, they change into someone that is completely opposite to the personality I fell in love with, to be honest, idc how a girl looks I just want someone, that is nice and caring, but also can have there own opinions. Are there people out there still like this? Why do people change so drastically in an relationship?


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  • There are people out there like that. With compassion and caring and opinions.

    The people themselves inside don't change. But keep in mind every person acts differently depending on who they're with.

    My belief, when it comes to dating, people try to be the best and sweetest at the beginning of a relationship. As the dating continues, the person relaxes more and acts more like their regular self. This may include little annoying things you looked past in the beginning. I like to call the beginning of a relationship the "honey moon" period and depending on the relationship this could last different amounts of time, from a day to a few months. This is when you're happier than you could ever be and everything's pretty perfect. Then you get used to the person and figure out how you work together. Sometimes people make the mistake of taking the relationship for granted. Not everybody, but sometimes.

    Pretty much, you don't know how well you and the other person will work until you get past the honeymoon stage and get really comfortable with the other person. If it doesn't work out, don't take it too harshly. It takes a while to find "the one", if you believe in that.


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  • I find dating frustrating, but not for the same reason you do. I'm just frustrated because I met the man I'm going to marry when I was 14 and I have been waiting since then to be old enough to marry him. We have about two-four years left before we'll be old enough.

    But I do understand your frustrations.


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  • Damn good question, sir, and after dating for 12 years, I can't say that I've figured it out.