Why does an ex treat every other girl better than me?

When you break up with a girl, and still have to see her everyday, why do you treat her so much worse than you treat all the other girls in the group?

Briefly, my ex had a huge crush on me and asked me out even though we, in addition to being friends, also worked together. We dated very seriously for a year, but then he broke up suddenly saying he got freaked our of the commitment. He still had very strong feelings for me for 6 months after the breakup. Then one day, he just said he has no feelings for me anymore, and that he will never date me again.

Nowadays, he treats every other girl in our circle of friends/ workplace so much better than me! He laughs at their jokes, keeps conversations going with them, texts and keeps up with them. I feel like the ugliest, most boring, and unfunny girl in the world because of his actions!

Why do guys treat exes like they're crap? Sometimes I'm cold with him because he hurt me! But I didn't hurt him! So why is he so cold towards me? Its ruining my work life. Please help :(


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  • Go find another job. It's bothering you this much to be around him, it's probably best to just find other employment. And don't date coworkers.


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  • Because he's an ex.

    • So? He's used me and done with me? I never feel that way about an ex!

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  • Because they are douche bags. Of course he still has feelings for you if he didn't he would show respect. He is being obvious and doing what he knows will bother you. Men are very immature in dealing with their emotions childish beings. Unlike girls we tend to turn to friends. Look if I was you in your position I would smile and put effort into myself give him no reaction or reason to think you are bothered he will either give up his pathetic game or beg you back. Its a sure sign of attention seeking. Xx