What was the best date you've ever been on?

Without being graphic, what was the best date you've been on? Why was it fun or special to you?


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  • It was May of 1978 - I married her :-)


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  • hahaha, I've had horrific dates, can't say I've had a best one

    • I don't get on here much, so sorry for the late reply, but I'm sorry to hear that! So... your "hahaha" has me curious... =/

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  • Without a doubt New Year's Eve 2012. We went bowling with a bunch of friends then just us two couples went into town to go out. Afterward when I was expecting to be going home, we didn't . . . he pulled up in front of a very nice hotel, walked me inside and upstairs, gave me the room key and said, "This is you". I opened the door and the entire suite was covered in vases of roses, rose petals and candles. On the bed written out in rose petals was, "Will you marry me". Far and away the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me, what a sweetheart :)