Can hanging out seem like a date and lead him on?

So, my parents are the kind that were always like "no boys". That's established a sort of feeling in me that if I hang out with one guy friend and no one else, it feels like a date. There's this guy friend that I haven't seen for a year, we text/talk online quite a bit, but we've never hung out alone together, and I don't like him as more than a friend. He recently suggested that we meet up and hang out. I don't know if that'll seem like a date or not. Should I say yes or no?


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  • if you allow to me I think your parents are on right you should be grateful

    to them because they love you and they treat you as queen so you must respects their will .

    • I'm old enough that they don't enforce this rule anymore, but I can't help but still feel this way.

    • what way you still feel?... and in my opinion to be old enough that's dose not mean to put your parents behind your back after they take care of you to provides a good future to you ! parents still parents how ever you grow up

    • I still feel like it's wrong to hang out alone with a male friend, even if I have no intentions of dating him. Also, I'm at the age where my parents are beginning to pester me about starting to date sometime soon. It's really confusing.


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  • good luck then


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  • I think it depends on how you act when you hang out with the guy, if you act like if he were any other guy then you are not leading him on. If you act flirty or something with him and you don't like him then that is kind of leading him on