How long should I give him space for?

I reconnected with this guy about a month ago, and things moved quickly. Then he became busy and I started asking him to hang out a lot. I knew it was starting to overwhelm so I took a step back, apologized that I was overwhelming him and I thought it would be best if I gave him some space, but to text me anytime. He responded "sounds good". That was about 4 days ago, I miss him, I miss talking to him..but I told him I'd give him space. So should I just wait until he texts me, can I just text him to see how he is? And if so how much longer should I wait to text him?


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  • The longest you give him should be around one week


What Girls Said 1

  • Wait till he text you! Take a breath and step back. It makes no sense if you told him you'd step back and keep coming back. Your going to drive him insane and he's just going to ignoring you out of all.