How important is weight for women when using online dating sites?

I'm a guy who is currently looking into online dating. I haven't made the jump yet, mostly because I feel like I'm a bit too overweight for it. I'm not obese or anything, but I'm a shorter dude so being a little overweight is a bigger problem than a taller guy. I'm worried about wasting my time contacting women on dating sites and them just looking at my picture and then looking the other way. Are my worries justified at all? Should I wait several months until I lose weight or should I just say screw it and take the plunge? I like to think I don't look too bad beyond the weight I've gained, is weight a thing a lot of girls would look at with online dating? What's your feelings on it?


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  • Honestly, yes. But when it comes to online dating, I'd say, the most important thing is that you put up an accurate picture. That way you don't have to be anxious about that aspect of your self before the date because you will get a date online but she's in it for the you portrayed in your profile.

    Any surprises along the way, like finding out you are nothing like what you said you looked like or are not "insert adjective on profile", are really hard to overcome/forgive, even if they are only mildly offensive or unpleasant.

    I'd say try it out now, and if you choose to lose weight, update the profile. No harm. In fact, you may even find a girl who will like all physical versions of yourself or will want to go on the weight loss journey with you. Like a real partner.


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  • It's quite important since it determines her overall beauty.

  • When it comes to weight women are just as shallow as men.