What will you do if your ex text you and says .....

my ex text me today to tell me his grandmother is dead.

if you were in this position what will you do? I don't know what to do or how to respond cause we had an big argument and he tells me no communication four days ago.


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  • WERE You CLOSE TO HIS GRANDMoTHER?He lost you did he text all his friends stating that? He wants you to baby him during his loss and as soon as he feels better he will do the same thing again..tell him ,sorry to hear about your loss..thats it.

    • i didn't know his grandmother, I never even met her. that's the thing he gotten sick sometime ago and the first person he call is home to his brother and mother then me, not even his girlfriend which is very weird to me.


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  • say I am sorry to hear about that.How long were you together, if long send a card to the family

    • we were together for 6 years.

    • after reading your other response I would just keep going with no communicating with him. no card. It weird out of 6 years and never seen grandmother.

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  • This is one of those moments where you have to put your differences aside and feel some sympathy for him. If you personally knew his grandmother than you should comfort him. If you didn't you should at least tell him " I'm sorry for your loss" and things along those lines.

    • i never met his grandmother, but I really felt it for him cause he told me she was like his second mother. I know he said no communication but I want to call him, but I know I have to respect his wishes. cause he told my friends I am harassing him and calling him, which is not the case we both text and call each other, every time something is wrong with him or goes round in general he call me and not his girlfriend. why is that?