Reasons an ex would contact you?

My ex told me that he cares about me and he wants to know what's going on in my life and that he does want something romantic but he's afraid he will f*** it up. Why would he say this? When I see him in person should I make it very clear that he needs to change his ways if he's going to have me?

He wanted NOTHING to do with me for the past 6 months of us being broken up, but I guess he dated a terrible girl for 2 weeks and dumped her than texted me. All the sudden he wants to meet up and even after we made that plan he was spacey about texting me--- how can I find out what's going on and what do you think he wants?


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  • You just became the back-up plan. It's up to you if you can live with that wondering if, or when he leaves for someone he "thinks" might be better. Talk is cheap & if his actions don't match up to his words, then they mean nothing.

    If he was the one to leave you in the beginning, then make him work for it & prove that he really does want you back.


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  • He's bored and wants someone to 'date' Eff him, if he didn't think of you for that last 6 months then give him a taste of his own medicine and reject his ass. Let him know how happy you are without him or with someone else (even if there isn't anyone else) or just ignore him. You're better than that and you'll be glad later down the road when you find a good guy and your ex is someone else's problem.