Will he call me after a fight?

I met a guy online who I slept with three times. After having sex the third time, he got very angry after I mentioned my necklace was broken and kicked me out of his house. I don't understand why he got so angry and called me names. It's been a week and a half since I saw him and haven't heard from him. We had argued before after the second date and everything was fine. Why isn't even a casual relationship not working? The sex is amazing and I'd like to see him again, but don't know if the level of this fight was it for us.


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  • This is always the key...

    For women, it's always the flirt. But for Men, we "control" the first fight (not control, but define)...

    Mlle., you will find out just what kind of a man you are dealing with. There is an ancient Chinese saying (and I am not Chinese), but it says:

    "You never really know someone until you have to fight them".

    WHO you fight is much more important than WHAT you fight about and WHY, if this makes sense...


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  • If he treats girls like that then he's not worth it. But if you like him that bad, guys don't tend to hold grudges like girls do so he should call you back, if he doesn't he's just being stubborn and childish

  • Sounds like you either are not telling the whole story, or this guy is seriously messed up.


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  • he is really agressive for no reason, call you names and kicks you out of his house, tell me why would you try to keep things going with him?