Does he just taking it slow or just not that interested?

I hooked up with a guy, but this night wasn't a common ons, he was really caring, very sweet, we cuddled and talked a lot about intimate stuff. He texted me two days later and suggested we should repeat it. But when we text it isn't really about sexual thing even more personal stuff. He couldn't make it this week, but said he wants to see me again and always sound really serious that he is interested to see me again. But why is he always taking so long to answer? If I am really interested in someone (busy or not) I don't wait two days. When he replies, he is interested in what I am texting. But I don't get, why he just doesn't call or text more often. Maybe it is just my bad experience, but I already thinking that he might just have been sweettalking and that's just it. He once mentioned he had a rs that last 6 six, I don't know when it ended, but I guess just a few month ago. Maybe that could be a reason? Or is he just answering to hold me on line for sex?


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  • Just not interested.

    • what makes you so sure?

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  • I don't think he likes you

    • sweet answer. haha. why do you think so?