Should I contact her one more time?

Met this girl at a bar had a great time that night. She told me to take down her number I did. I texted her the next night, she texted me right away saying we should hang out again I said yes we'll plan something. Called her 3 days later to set something up, she answered and said she was driving and that she'll call me back.

It's been a week, haven't heard anything from her. Is she playing games? should I let it go and take it as she's not interested or try contacting her one more time?


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  • no, maybe she just forgot, some girls are like that, if she told you to take her number there was some attraction there, you should just call her again


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  • Text her one more time. Maybe she got turned off that you waited 3 days. Be very clear and definite in your text. If she flakes then move on.

  • I think that you should try texting her not calling her. Calling seems like you care a lot, texting isn't that big of a deal. If she doesn't answer, she probably isn't worth it.


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