If a guy doesn't reply to me in two days, should I delete his number?

He disappeared on me after sex and then reappeared after a month. I was annoyed because we are suppose to casually date so I told to work on ourselves. Anyways, my career is taking off. It is another month and I want to reach out to him. Anyways, it is already like 2 days and he hasn't reply to me. He is not online dating either. Should I just forget about him. He isn't really a bad guy and I am not looking for commitment.


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  • Hold on. The way you've worded things is confusing.

    He contacted you after a month. And this annoyed you. Did it annoy you because he contacted you, or because he took too long to do so? Or in other words, is "casual" dating for you a once-a-month-or so kind of thing?

    • Yeah, because he went MIA. Now, he doesn't even respond to me. It wasn't a once a month thing. It was more a when we are available thing.


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  • Don't delete his number, never delete anyone's number.

    But I think you should just ignore him if he texts you back, because if he hash't texted you in so long it means that he doesn't want to text you back, so let it be. :)

  • Maybe you should wait a couple days and see if he talks to you, and if he doesn't, maybe text him once. If he ignores you after that, just move on nobody should have to be hung up on someone who ignores them! :)

    • Thanks. I will let it go. If he can't reply to me after a week then I know it is over. I wish he would answer and told me that it is over or that he doesn't want to hear from me again.

  • if he didn't talk to you for a month after having sex then I would talk to him again