Birthday gift for someone you are dating?

What sort of birthday gift would you buy for someone that you have recently started seeing? (recently as in 2 and a half weeks).

Would you say spend around $15 - $25 ?

Or would taking her out for a meal at a nice restaurant be a better idea than a gift?
Thanks for the replies, I have a gift idea in mind that will get used all the time. I suppose finding out what she is doing on her birthday night would be a good idea and help with the decision lol.. Thanks


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  • I'd say taking her out for a nice date and surprising her at the end with something small (No jewelry or you know anything big of course, but just like some flowers or chocolate or food you baked yourself).

    To put it in perspective, a good gift to get her would be something you would get your sister for something minor (meaning not like Christmas or her birthday, but maybe for like an award or a smaller holiday).


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  • I say buy her flowers and take her out to dinner :) simple and sweet.

  • just take them out to dinner, or give them a little gift that shows you put some thought into, or buy her some tickets for a place like a amusement park

  • yes, taking her out and a little card would be good


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