What is going on? Is there still a chance?

First, a really long time ago. More than 3months I was flirting with this girl and we spooned while we were on a sleepover. We wrote to each other, for along time. But then just stopped.

Now months later she thought that I was mad at her (Huge misunderstanding) we became friends, and we were on the beach with a lot of other friends. We walked away, and into the woods. We laid there for 2 hours just cuddling and touching each other (not in like sex but more on ass and stomach)

we didn't kiss. I only kissed her a bit on her neck, and teased her lips. But should I have and could there be an opportunity later?


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  • you should have but I don't think it is all ruined, just do kiss her next time


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  • IF you want a girl to like you - give her what SHE Wants - and not what you want.

    • Well. I really don't know what she want. She is playing with my mind, and that just want me to want her even more!

  • I think there is a big opportunity,


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