Dating my Ex after he cheated

Ok I and dating my ex boyfriend after he cheated on me nine years ago. I finally have for given him and I trust him the time around but I my issue is that he does not communicate well when it come to texting or returning calls. I told him that I need to here from him through text or a call.. Well the problem is that for two day I text and get nothing back. so yesterday I sent him a few texts stating that " I can disappear if he just say the word" and then he sent me a text back saying we need to talk... well I know what that means... now he is made and not answering my calls or text.. What do I do? I said I was sorry if I made him mad but still nothing. I do love him but I hate that he makes me feel like I'm bugging him or being clingy which I'm not.


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  • Youtube - tyra show with steve harvey

    Not sure if you have heard of him but he has an amazing book which helped me. It's got nothing to do with how you can make this guy want you/return your calls - its how you can make yourself better and more attractive for the next guy, who treats you right! This guy is an a**hole... think about it - if you cheated on someone you cared about and they took you back you would do everything in your power to make it up to that person and show them that you love them. This guy is doing none of that! Watch that interview and hopefully you will figure out that the ball needs to be in YOUR court and NOT his!


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  • I don't think I could take someone back who cheated on me. If they can hurt people who they care about, are they really worth having?

    • Well it wasn't my paln to take him back but I think he caught me at a low point in my life and I recently gave in...

    • I've said it before and I'll say it again, women make it a statistical game for men. That's why we put out these lines and go from one woman to the next. Eventually, one will finally give in. Women shape how guys behave.

  • You're quite obsessive of him. Don't you know of the saying that cheaters will always be cheaters?

  • Some people are too foolish to be helped... you are one of them.

    • Its funny you say that because I feel the same way thanks for your honesty.

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  • You really should find someone new.

    • I know that is would I should do but I hate the starting over thing and I have not been out in 2 years and of course he makes me feel like a queen when we are out... I guess lonelines is making me put up this BS you know... Thanks for you advice..