Joke to play on my fiance over text?

My fiance's away right now so I can't do anything in real life.

But yesterday he texted me saying how he was so sad and depressed and was talking about how he'd rather die and this was just something he's never ever said before in the whole time I've known him. He's always been happy and cheerful so this got me all worried about him and everything and he told me he was gonna go to sleep that he'd text me later when he feels better. So I made him a cute video and told him how much I love him and if he needs anything I'm always here for him. The next day I asked him if he was feeling better and he started laughing and long story short, he was just messing. It really pissed me off because I was all concerned and worried about him then it turned out to be a joke so now I haavee to get back at him. What should I say? I don't want to make it too obvious that I'm joking because he just did this to me yesterday. I just can't think of anything good :/ No I'm pregnant or cancer jokes.


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What Guys Said 1

  • The only joke you could make is a "I broke your _____ " possessions joke and then take an image off of Google Images and send it to him as proof that you "broke" it. I wouldn't go any further than that; you don't want to start anything too serious.


What Girls Said 1

  • well tell him somebody stole your car or something, but I think doing something will be mean.