To text or not text him? Decoding guy lingo...

Is "shoot me a text sometime" code from a guy not to text him...mind you it's now summer and we won't see each until fall since we are home for college break.

See here is the thing...we basically are FWB right now. It's already been over a month and he hasn't texted me. I still really like him but don't want to appear desperate or needy. We aren't serious and it's not like we can see each other any time soon. I mean I took it as text me sometime too but everyone of my friends I ask says not to text him and to leave it be. I feel like if I don't text him he may think I moved on or if I do he may just think I'm weird for randomly texting him. So lost!
Also how long should I really wait before texting him. "Sometime" is pretty vague and why can't he just be the one shooting me a text? Don't guys know perusing should be their job...


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  • "Shoot me a text sometime"

    Under what bizarro f***wit female logic, does that translate into "Do not send me a text."

    Shoot = SEND.

    Please smack yourself in the face good and hard for me.

    I don't have that feature on my internet browser and apparently I need it.


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  • There we go. So at least we managed to get the REAL issue out of you before 6 hours passed, but let's look at it anew.

    First, your friends are saying to let it be, why? Not that I disagree, but I'm curious as to their reasoning. The man has offered you an invitation, you are being told not to take it, but you are conflicted internally by the proposition based on your own emotions.

    So why do the friends say "No"?

    • I think they say no because this is our " second time around fling" . first semester I thought he wanted a relationship and didn't so things fizzled. Spring semester we started " seeing each other" and I got a lot of answers from him. I'm fine with being " just friends"aka FWB for now but I think my friends say no because they think I deserve better. I really like this guy though. The problem is I'm not sure if he likes me has much...I know he is attracted to me but I'm still confused

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    • That last comment is probably really confusing to you so I'm sorry for that Since it counteracts some of my questions.You really have helped me through all this believe it or not though. I think I just needed someone to give me a clearer perspective on the situation and to set me straight for what everything really is. Last thing I need is to get heartbroken and I feel like now my chances are less with this understanding.

    • Ps I agree life can be fun! Thanks again!

  • Under the assumption you are serious shoot me a text means please text me.

  • LMAO

    Is this serious?


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  • well he won't move on becasue you ar eonly FWB, so talk to him if you want to but he won't want something else.

  • just text him