Meeting long distance

Been talking to this girl who contacted me on a dating site a few days ago. Things seem to be going well. We live around 200 miles from each other..which I hate, and normally wouldn't speak to girls at that distance, but her profile was perfect, she's very attractive, and she contacted me first. I was thinking if we agree to meet, I would ask about meeting half way. Since we will be traveling a good distance, should that dictate what we do on the date?


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  • no, it shouldn't in a sexual way. you should take your time.


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  • yes, you could go around the town you meet in a try to find all the good places to eat, that would be fun


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  • I would think it has to dictate what you do since both of you are 100 mis. from home...

    • Yeah..I typically don't like doing an activity date on the first meeting. Usually do coffee for 60-90 minutes to see how things go. But in this case...100 miles seems too far to drive for 60 minutes of coffee.

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    • That's what the internet and Google Earth is for. You can pretend to be a Spy! A spy with an eye for love!

    • Ha ha ha!