Why is rejection so much harder for women to deal with compared to men?

I notice when guys ask girls out, they get turned down and move on. I'll see if a girl wants to hang out and if she says no, I move on.

But when a girl gets turned down, it always seems like a much bigger deal. I'll say I am doing something the next day and the girl will flip out on me yet continue to pursue me(texting, stalking, make rumors about me, etc). Or I'll not be interested in a girl who canceled a date without telling me so I'll stop talking to her yet if we cross paths she'll try extra hard to talk to me when she used to never talk to me.

Guys will send out like 20 something messages online and not hear back from a single girl and simply move on. Yet I've read about girls going on dates from online and the guy wouldn't be interested in a 2nd date and the girl would send back angry messages telling him he is gay and stuff.

I also remember reading an article about a dating agency and how picky the women were yet when they'd go on a date and the guy was not interested they'd absolutely flip out.

So why is it that when a guy can deal with rejection much better than a girl?


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  • Well, guys are much more likely to be serial askers than girls are. They'll send out like 20 messages to girls because they're "kinda cute" and they will expect not to hear back from 19 of them. Or they'll go to a bar and hit on several girls in one night hoping to get laid by one of them.

    Most often, a guy will ask a girl out and if she says yes, they'll go out a few times and then he'll decide whether or not he likes her. But when a girl asks a guy out, she's already decided that she likes him and that he matters to her. So of course someone who asks out someone who they like and who means something to them is going to be more hurt upon rejection than someone who just thinks, "I think I'll go hit on that one!" and then does it.

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      why do you have so many thumbs down? this seems like a fine answer to me

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      Wrong -

      think Cyndi Lauper:


      Guys are usually as "emotionally invested" as women are ;)

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      Cyndi Lauper wrote that song for a hit. And by "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" she probably didn't mean "Girls just want to get laid by any hot guy who will let them."