Seeing a guy one day a week and texting every few days normal in the first month?

I have been dating/seeing this guy for a bit over a month now.

We enjoy each others' company and have agreed not to see other people.

However we only seem to hang out once a week. Last week it was twice and now have not heard from him in two days.

Just confused. He says he really likes me and things seem to be going well but would think that he would want to see more of me now that we are officially seeing each other.

Is this normal for something new to progress like this I have been out of the dating scene for a while and a little rusty!


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  • Everyones different but if you already disgussed to see only each other.. and he really likes you then I would be wondering why he would not text me everyday.

    I would worry little because I've seen guys like him sneakly see other girls behind your back.

    Im not saying your guy is the same case..but I don't want you to be fooled.

    Maybe he's busy but if you decided to become official, why would he only see you once a week and contact you once in 2-3 days? Doesnt make sense to me.

    I would assume he's not that into me.

    Because I can tell from my experience, even a guy is freaking busy he will make time to see you and call or text you every day if he really likes you.

    Doesnt matter he asked you to not see other people and told you he really likes you.look for how he treats you.

    Maybe I'm wrong maybe that's just how he is.. why don't you talk to him about it and ask him?


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  • All date calendars are different. There is no "standard" therefore no "normal" thus you have nothing to go by and your question has no answer. Anyway, ignoring that juvenile nonsense, because that's not the real problem anyway why are you so damn impatient?

    • I guess that is true! I reckon I have been pretty good actually. I am just a little anxious and needed to vent I guess. Just gotta not worry about stuff like that and go with the flow and let things happen naturally between us. Better that way.

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    • I was the one that brought in that upswing but it was a nice little unexpected surprise for him (which was very well reciprocated) and a bonus for both of us that we got to see each other twice in that week, last week.

      It is. Completely agree with you there. Thanks for the advice I will keep that in mind. :-).

    • Thank yourself. I didn't do anything.

  • Sounds normal to me.


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  • it is normal

  • yes, it is

  • yes, its normal.