When could I tell him?

There's this guy that I like and today I was going to tell him I like right after detention but his mom was ready to pick him up right after. So now I don't know ho else I could tell him..I have one class with him and we talk a lot in it but I feel like telling him during class would be weird..would it be? Or would asking him to hang out a little after school to tell him something be out of the question?


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  • I would say that you should probably try to hang out with him first and see how it goes. Then if it goes bad try making it better. Don't ask him out in a text because that would be weird. If hanging out with him goes good then ask him out at the end.


What Girls Said 1

  • if he seems to like you too, you should get him to hang out sometime and then see where it goes. but if you just walk up and say "hey, Bob! I like you!" it would be weird... and if he doesn't like you, if could make your friendship awkward