How long should I wait?

I was talking to this great guy and we lost touch because his phone broke and he had to turn a old one on and didn't have my number. So he was happy I texted him so he had it. I then gave him the opportunity to say he didn't want to text me anymore by saying I was about to stop texting you because I didn't think you were interested any more. He text back noooo. I gotta go for a bit though. Its been 3 days and I haven't heard from him. He seemed like he was very interested and for me he's different then most guys I've been talking to and I want to be with him. We just had this great connection and we haven't even met yet so I don't want to just go on. I want to give him a chance. I'm assuming he's busy with work since he works for a green house and he said he's single and hates it. So how long should I wait to contact him.


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  • a couple of days. 2-3 more days.

    • 2-3 more days? I haven't talked to him since last Friday.


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  • you shouldn't wait much

  • just wait it out a little bit