Everything was amazing according to him, then he freaked out and said things were too serious too quickly and

I truly believed this was a completely honest statement by the guy I had been seeing for a couple months. He initiated everything. Told me how much he loved hanging out, how great of a time he always had. How we never lacked conversation or having an awesome time. He made it a point that I met all... Show More

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  • He is scared of commitment.

    He sees you has relationship material and doesn't feel deserving of a woman like you.

    He resorted back to the ways he feels most comfortable,

    talking to other women with no real connection

    (only speaking with those, who may meet his physical needs).

    Don't take this personal it has nothing to do with you.

    Although he seems like a great guy , he could hurt you in a relationship.

    He is trying to spare you of such.

    I would stop talking to him completely because he sent mixed signals.

    • ty for ba.