Pros and Cons of dating a stereotypical nerd?

Pros and Cons of dating a guy who's a stereotypical nerd? (Smart, awkward, odd, tech-savvy, inexperienced with girls, doesn't party, no style, etc etc)

(Note: this is just a description, doesn't mean these things are necessarily bad)


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  • Coming from a nerd:


    logical - he tends to think about things in a manner that makes sense to him (be it programming analogies, engineering analogies, analogies to his passion, etc)

    caring - most guy nerds don't go on many dates or receive much interest from women, so they are very likely to care for the one that they have

    he wants to have fun - he will think of things to do with you that you probably would not have thought of, but will be quite different and fun for you both


    logical - we follow our logic patterns to the bitter end and sometimes non-nerds (or people just of a different major) can't follow these patterns

    has no idea what to do - if you want a guy who knows how to be intimate, a nerd may not be your best bet, since he probably hasn't had many opportunities to be intimate or to try out what he wants

    Side Notes:

    he will geek out over (seemingly) random things (I always get distracted by bicycles, for example)

    once you get him started on a subject he knows and loves, good luck changing it or talking much yourself (unless he has experience with restraint for that sort of thing)

    I'm sure there is more... I can't think of anything right now though ;)


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  • Pros -

    Honesty, if he's honest enough to admit to you that's he's a nerd proudly, chances are he's honest enough with his feelings and loyalty to you.

    Cons -

    Probably butt ugly. Finding a muscular and good looking nerd is like finding a unicorn. The years of intense gaming, pizza takeouts, and monster energy drinks usually takes a toll on the physique, resulting in bad physique, and probably worse facial acne.

  • Pro's



    being treated as a goddess

    Not likely to be approached by other women, so jealousy isn't much of an issue

    More likely to be a good provider and hold down stable job.


    Not sexually attractive to most women

    A lack of experience with women can cause issues for women too impatient to teach them how to interact with the opposite sex.

    They tend to be very boring to most girls.


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  • watch the vlogbrothers,i think they actually covered this topic in a video.

  • He may be super thoughtful or overreact and be clumsy

  • if you like the nerd just date him

  • My boyfriend is actually a typical nerd lol. He basically has every characteristic that you listed except that he actually has style. There are definitely more pros than cons, and I can tell you them from firsthand experience.


    -He's inexperienced with girls, which means I kind of got to "train" him in what I like and give him a safe environment to experience being sexual with someone who loves him

    -Always helps me with technical things I don't know how to do, example: Fixing my laptop, iPod, etc.

    -VERY loyal and trustworthy. I know for a fact he would never lie to me

    -So frickin' smart, it's ridiculous

    -Not really awkward, but very quiet in social situations which is a turn on for me, because I don't like loud boyfriends


    -Sometimes he gets carried away with his video games which can be a little annoying

  • pros: honest, upfront about their feelings

    cons: self righteous and know it all.