Would girls already in a relationship bother having engaging text messages with another guy?

So there's this girl I like. Most of the time we text, her text messages would almost always have either, but not limited to, emoticons, texts with all capital letters, a lot of exclamation marks, sometimes she would turn lol, lmao, so with a lot of o's. She would ask me how are you every now and then. I really don't know her that well. She told me about how she rear ended someone earlier this month. I find this unusual because I wouldn't tell this to people I'm not close with. I doubt she feels close with me right now. I would be amazed if she does somehow.

Recently, she wouldn't replied to all my texts ever since she went to EDC. But there has yet to be a time where I sent her a text and she didn't reply the whole day. If she has a boyfriend would she send me text messages like that? So another question is do you think she likes me?

Things are back on track, she began to reply to all my texts now. For now...


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  • well its a little weird but you can't be sure about anything really she might do that with every person she talks to. I would do and say those things to a new frined.


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  • I think she likes you, but isn't a very good gf...

    • What makes you believe she isn't a very good gf? Just to be clear, I don't know if she has a boyfriend or not.

  • well to me she just wants your attention.

  • I wouldn't really, maybe for small talk with a guy friend or something like that, but I don't usually do


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