Why is he flirting with me, then ignores me? Does he still like me?

Ok, my dad owns a company, and he hired this new guy named Jason. Jason, would stare at me, and he would show me and my mother pics of his baby, and would go on and on about how much he loves my dad. I was starting to like him cause he is really funny, and I like funny guys, but my friends said they knew him. They said he is bad news, and he's a jerk, he is everything bad, basically. I am the type of person though, I would like to figure it out myself. I am not into gossip, so I figured if he is a bad guy, I will quit talking to him, otherwise I will give him a chance. Well, me and my brother went a to a party, and Jason was there. He was really flirtacious with me, and I mean FLIRTACIOUS! Constantly hugging me, and talking to me, complimenting me, and even saying to me "Are you going to the bar afterwards?" I did flirt back as well, but I was still on the fence about him, because I am thinking "You're just trying to get in my panties" lol! So, he said "Can I have your number?" I gave him my number. Then about a week later my brother bought a ps3 off of him, and I texted Jason saying goofy stuff, and joking about the PS3. He thought I was funny and told me to meet him at the bar. I explained to him that I am 19, and they won't serve me. I already was in that bar, and they wouldn't serve so, I am not gonna go just to be embarrassed. He said "I understand" So we were just texting back and forth for a couple of weeks. It wasn't flirty texts, it was just goofy,funny, texts. He would call my phone, and I wouldn't pick up, because I was around my friends, when he called, and I didn't want them to know I was talking to Jason. I explained to him that I was busy, and I can only text. He seemed fine with it. All of a sudden I would text him, and he would give me one word responses, and he would be distant. He seemed mad at me, and he was saying that he was mad at my dad. I was being neutral, but he just seemed mad at me too! So, I just stopped texting him all together. He totally switched gears on me. We didn't speak to each other for 2 months. All of a sudden my dad needed him for a job, and he was nice again, and he called my dad, and told him that there is a party at Sammy's house, and he wanted my brother, and me to come. My dad passed the message along, and I was debating on going. Then Jason messaged my mom on Facebook, saying "Where is Rob, and Annie?" He seemed like he wanted us to be there, so I said fine I will go. I went there, and Jason was distant, he barely spoke to me, and acted like he didn't want us there. He was flirting with a girl in front of me, and he even said to her face "I wanna f*** you" He was really trying hard with this girl. I could tell she wasn't feeling him, but he made a point to do it in front of me. When me and my brother were leaving, Jason had his lips out like he want ed to kiss me, and I said "Jason give me a hug" He said I only give kisses, he kissed my brother on the cheek, and me. Does he still like me? Tell me!

I am just confused, and I don't know if he is playing head games? Or is he doesn't like me? I would like more of a guys perspective on this matter, cause it's confusing. Girls can comment too! Please tell what you think! Thank you! I greatly appreciate it! :)


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  • Well, it sounds like he is into you. The first time he started being distant could be because maybe he knew your friends were trying to talk you out of talking to him. He probably felt that YOU were not interested in him. And then when he invited you to the party, he was probably just trying to make you jealous.

    It does seem like he's playing mind games and that's not cool. How do you feel about him? You shouldn't always listen to your friends, however you should take what they say into consideration and keep your guard up until you really get to know him better.

    If you really like him, I think you should tell him that and see how he responds. Guys can't read minds (even though I wish they could lol), you have to be verbal and let him know how you're feeling and talk to him. If you maybe want to see something work out with him, you should tell him that! I think he likes you and he just hasn't been sure how YOU feel about him so he's tentative to take the first step.

    Regardless, one of you needs to make the first move and let the other one know. If he won't, then you should. It only takes 5 seconds of courage to tell him how you feel and, hopefully, he feels the same. But you won't know until you talk to him.

    I hate mind games and that's probably why guys and girls get so confused with each other. Both need to be open and willing to be completely honest with the other person. He may be a good guy and he may be a "bad" guy like your friends said but that's something you need to find out for yourself.

    I hope it all works out for you:)

    • Thank you, Honeybee! Very insightful answer! I am trying to figure him out without my friends, cause like I said, I am the type that doesn't listen to people, and peoples gossip, I would rather figure it out myself. You are right! We both need to be honest with each other, I am planning on telling him to his face that I like him. Thanks again! :)

    • That's great! I'm glad I could help. Good luck! :)

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  • I think he might hav been a little saad about not getting to talk to you, but he also may not be sure what he wants, a friend or a girlfriend.. I think he's definitely still into you, just maybe he wasn't sure if you felt the same way .. Lol I hope this helps

    • Thanks girl! I appreciate your answer! :) I do feel bad though if that's the case, cause I don't want to make him feel bad :/

  • he has feleings for you.

  • he likes you

  • well I think you should try and see him more, in my opinion he's into you. he migh tjust have beein trying to make you jealous with the other girl, no guy would sy that to a girl he really liked in front of another option.