Is waiting a bad idea?

hi! I hurt my guys feelings yesterday. he texted something to me that I thought he was joking about, he wasn't and it upset him when I questioned whether or not he was serious about what he had said. apparently I do this a lot (think he's joking when he's not). I apologized and all he said in return was yea babe. we didn't talk after this conversation. I felt bad so I texted him last night, he never responded. I felt it was best to give him some space after this, but my best friend said it would better to text him again and give him another heartfelt apology. is it better to wait and give him space? or is it better to text him again? his what would you rather your girl to do? and would he find it annoying if I didn't give him some time ?


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  • no, it is not!

    • so it's not a bad idea to give him sometime before trying to talk to him again?

    • yes, so he can think things through and make up his mind


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  • i think it could be

  • no it isnt.