My fiance was texting another girl inappropriately, should I forgive him and work things out?

This is the first time it's happened. It was just one day of texting because one of his friends gave her his number, it happens to be his boss's daughter. He didn't deny it when I asked and he cried and apologized and said it was nothing more than those texts and he doesn't know why he did it, that it was foolish and made him realize he's where he wants to be and that it scared him cause he thought he was going to lose me. He's never dated the girl or hooked up with her or talked to her before, just this one day he swears it'll never happen again and I'm the only girl for him and he still wants to marry me in 2 weeks. I don't know what to do cause it hurts really bad


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  • Is that a deal breaker for you? Do you want to work things out?

    At the end of the day you're going to do what you want to do. Whether its a good choice or not.

    Personally, infidelity or signs of infidelity have no place in a monogamous relationship.

    Perhaps you'd be more comfortable in an open or poly relationship?


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  • Look long as you can drop it and not keep bring it up and trust him. Get married

    But if you can't don't. Not fair to you or him.

    Must have trust and no resentment in a marriage or its doomed from the start

    • I wanna drop it and forget about it but I'm scared that a few texts could lead to something more in the future whether it's the same girl or a different one

  • Define 'inappropriate text'.

    • I agree lets define what it was. That is going to depend on if you should marry him.

  • You should forgive him and work things out.

    • any idea why he would have done it out of the blue like that?

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    • He apologize and cried because she found out. If she didn't... It could of gone further than just an 'inapporiate text'. Lets be real.

      Yes.. It might be too extreme to others. All it's doing now is causing doubts and mistrust.

    • ... Very well. I do not agree with you, but I shall leave this, and the result, in your hands. I hope you are correct.

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  • I would cancel the wedding.. And leave him.

    If you TRULY want things to work out and can set aside the doubts... Then your relationship has a chance of working out.

    Frankly, him apologizing/crying doesn't work and it shouldn't be just that. He has to PROVE to you. And it can't be done in two weeks...

    Though, that's his boss's daughter, your boyfriend put himself in that predicament.

    He never hooked up with her... Yet.. Texting inapporopiately to one another was just the start.

  • i wouldn't you aren't even married and he's already doing that kind of stuff.

  • it depends on what the text said