Not wanting to see me as much and being romantic.. after fight? guys is this a slow recovering process?

Hey there. So my boyfriend is very open with his feelings and he has always been emotional and honest. He used to want to see me all the time and he would non stop tell me how much he loves me

He got fed up with a few things and so for 3 weeks we were fighting..more like he was not wanting to talk about it and I was apologising. afterward, we talked and decided to move forward

It's been a week that we have made up. He got mad a few times when he remembered the past and I could tell because he was distanced over text message. other times, he told me he loved me and all that.

I can tell it's getting better but he just doesn't want to see me as much & doesn't leave me his heartfelt paragraphs like he used to.

Girls: is this something that's happened to you and is it just a recovery process?

Guys: have you done this and is it difficult to move past it?

I'm leaving the country for a month, so many that distance will help us both?


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  • I'm going through this. He always use to text me and be all happy with me. I recently just facetime him and it seem like he didn't want to have anything to do with me. (I haven't cheated on him or anything. Just wasn't ready for a relationship but he says he "moved on" but we were each other first love and he still loves me..) but it's still going on to where he don't text, call or anything. I'm just counting the days down (I think he's talking to someone else) but if it's meant to be, somehow it will be. It hurts , but the pain won't last and it may be for the best. (even though we don't won't it to)


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  • The distance won't help you. It probably won't hurt you.

    He's fine; a week with mild flares is excellent! When I get angry it lasts for a month!


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  • no it really hasn't happened to me before.

  • it has happened to me and yes it is a recovery process you just have to be understanding