Why even bother with this?

This guy and I were seeing each other and then after a weekend together he pretty much stopped initiating texting with me, so I texted a couple times and it just hasn't been like before so I stopped completely. After a week or so he texts me asking why I haven't texted him...

Do you guys text like this if you do not wish to pursue us any.further? What's the point of initiating again just to do the same type of behavior? I am talking about texting once or twice but then nothing. There is no point to drag it out and I really want to tell him but sounds lame via text


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  • Don't get caught up in texts. Don't let a guys behavior when he's away from you be the determining factor to whether he likes you, and or as much. You can only accurately know how someone feels about you when their sitting in front of you. Bottom line is, if he's interested he will contact you to set up a date every 5-10 days at the latest.

    • Thanks, that is probably true

      I just wasn't sure if he's busy or met someone else or whatever could have happened

    • You're welcome. Its one thing to kinda be unsure if someone likes you, but its another thing if the person is hot, cold, hot, cold. That gets annoying. If that becomes the case and you feel like it's just too exhausting to date this guy...then its time to move on.


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  • I would call him and let him know how you truly feel. If he is into you then his text behavior should have never changed unless he all of sudden got really busy with something.

    He might think that you really like him and doesn't need to try harder, or maybe his interest kind of went down a notch.

  • You shouldn't make a decision until you ask him why he said that if you texted him before

    • That's true but I don't want to feel like a hassle, which I already do. I even told him I just backed off because I didn't want to annoy him and he asked why- I think it goes back to my ex because my ex would get o that point where I would not text him so he wasn't moody. I'm just confused because I don't NEED him, and if he doesn't want to.hang out then I'm okay with that but if like some clarification so I'm not trying to reach out to someone who is just meh about it all

  • well he must have forgotten about you and then decided to take you back. like if you were a back up plan for him.